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Welcome to the home page of the Honors Program at Southwestern Adventist University. Here you can find information about the Honors curriculum, activities, faculty, and related materials. For ease of navigation, you may use the menu at the left side of the page to navigate throughout the site.

The designation "Honors Graduate" carries weight with graduate schools and employers, who recognize the outstanding scholastic achievement that comes with the term. Honors Graduates have an advantage on resumes and cover letters, as the designation opens doors in the working world which otherwise remain closed.

Honors classes are not like any other classes at Southwestern. The interdisciplinary courses foster critical thinking skills, which benefit you no matter what your career goal. Further, the Honors Thesis prepares you for the kind of challenging research and writing tasks you might find in graduate and professional schools or on the job. If you want to be your best, challenge yourself. If you are eligible for the Honors Program, settle for nothing less.

If you have any questions about the program, please write us and we'll answer your letter promptly.

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Honors Program @ Southwestern Adventist University
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